Building Self Love

Building Self Love

The phrase “self-love” is becoming more and more common, but no one ever talks about how to even start and cultivate self love. No matter where you may be in your self-love journey, let this compilation of guided meditations inspire and sustain a healthy relationship to your sense of self worth and care. Delve into a state of harmony as our meditation instructors show you how to begin & maintain a beautiful relationship of loving yourself fully.

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Building Self Love
  • Self-Healing Meditation with A'Tiya

    Journey to your sacred space with this 10 minute stress-reducing meditation with A'Tiya S. Lean into the power of sound healing with the healing frequencies of these soothing and centering crystal sound bowls.

  • How Loving-Kindness Helps us Improve our Mental Habits

  • Love and Kindness Meditation w/ Madison A.

    This 5 minute love and kindness meditation is supercharged with the sounds of a crystal singing bowl. Join Madison A. for a self-love moment embellished with affirmations to reset and rebalance.

  • Heart Opening Meditation with A'Tiya

    It's time for a self-esteem check-up with A'Tiya S! Enjoy this energizing and refreshing 10 minute sound healing meditation for self-love and self-healing with crystal singing bowls that will get your chakras balanced and aligned.

  • Self-Love Meditation with Jaz

    Lean in to the magic of your self-love with Jaz D. and this empowering 5 minute self-love meditation. This affirming meditation will help you embrace your joy and help you feel more connected to yourself and ready to share the wonders of meditation with your community!