Guided Affirmations

Guided Affirmations

The power of our spoken word is infinite and often underestimated. Changing the way we talk to and about ourselves, our reality, and our future can really bring a positive impact and transformation to our lives. Using affirmations is an amazing way to train our minds and spirits to be more at peace and stay grounding in a natural state of joy and abundance. Try out any or all of these guided affirmation videos led by our talented instructors and let your subconscious download a bright and supportive narrative.

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Guided Affirmations
  • Affirmations for Abundance with Nikita

    This affirmation-centered meditation by Nikita H. is inspiring and grounding. Enjoy this quick meditation to give yourself a renewed sense of safety, stability and self-esteem

  • Affirmations for Self-Love with Jaz

    Open yourself up for deeper connection within. Join Jaz for this short meditation to welcome in love and grounding.

  • Closing Affirmations with Nikita

    Take a sec & let these words wash over your entire being as they become your own healing self talk. Nikita guides us into a refreshing & quick meditation with the perfect affirmations to reframe our mind for success & health.