Sound-Healing ft. Live Music Acoustics & Drumming

Sound-Healing ft. Live Music Acoustics & Drumming

It’s time to grab your best headphones, turn up the volume, and sail off into these healing sound frequencies. Delve into this collection of transformative live sound performances featuring live guitar, guided meditations, visualization techniques, and affirmation guidance. Taking a few minutes in your day to lean into these soothing meditations will completely restore and revive your energy.

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Sound-Healing ft. Live Music Acoustics & Drumming
  • Soothing Sound Bath & Body Scan for Release

    Sink into sound vibrations that will help ease you deeper into your meditation practice. Marrissa uses a live sound healing session with guided visualization exercises that guide your mind & spirit into an internal space for healing. Allow release to happen as we use this experience to call in mo...

  • Sound Healing for Deep Relaxation

    Join Marrissa Joy in this powerful sound healing experience, designed to activate your throat chakra and promote authentic self-expression. The chakras are considered energy centers within the body, originating from ancient Indian belief systems, and are associated with different aspects of our p...

  • "Quiet Your Mind" Soothing Meditation ft. Live Guitar & Bass

    This 10 minute sound healing visualization meditation is not only stress-relieving and opening, but it's also grounding and restorative! Enjoy this special self-care moment with our dynamic duo Marrissa Joy and Jaz D.

  • Stress Reducing Bass Meditation with Jaz

    Channel and tap into your power to the tune of these mellow sounds by Jaz D. with this 3 minute bass meditation. This intuitive sound healing moment will have you feeling refreshed and aligned.

  • Breathwork & Sound Healing with Aubrey

    Between the guided visualizations, affirmations, and melody of the guitar, this breathwork meditation by Aubrey H. & Alexia will help melt away your stress. This quick 5-minute meditation is also great for a midday confidence and clarity boost!

  • Sound Healing Harmony

    Sound healing improves intuition by clearing blockages. Allow yourself to cleanse your energy and drift off into the Nalaverse during a magical steel tongue performance by Marrissa Joy.

  • "I Am Worthy": Affirmation-Based Meditation ft. the Bass and Steele Tongue Drum

    We joined Jaz & Marrissa Joy in a North Philly studio to listen in on their jam session. Join us for a 4-minute “I am Worthy” sound healing focused on affirmations for building confidence and self-worth ✨