Sound Healing

  • [Live Class Replay] Juneteenth Sound Bath ft. Affirmations for Liberation

    In this class, you’ll learn how to pause, recognize your thoughts, and use positive affirmations to access inner peace. You’ll also get an opportunity to create and share your own affirmations with your community. You can expect to leave class feeling empowered and grounded.

    Benefits: Reduces n...

  • Heart-Opening Sound Healing Journey

    Join Marrissa Joy in a transformative sound healing bath designed to help you reconnect with your body and heart. Scientific research has shown that sound healing can reduce stress, anxiety, and even physical pain by inducing deep relaxation. In this immersive experience, Marissa uses the healing...

  • Breathwork & Sound Healing with Aubrey

    Between the guided visualizations, affirmations, and melody of the guitar, this breathwork meditation by Aubrey H. & Alexia will help melt away your stress. This quick 5-minute meditation is also great for a midday confidence and clarity boost!

  • Soothing Sound Bath & Body Scan for Release

    Sink into sound vibrations that will help ease you deeper into your meditation practice. Marrissa uses a live sound healing session with guided visualization exercises that guide your mind & spirit into an internal space for healing. Allow release to happen as we use this experience to call in mo...

  • Sound Healing Chakra Tune-Up with A'Tiya

    Need a quick pick me up? This 3 minute sound healing meditation with A'Tiya S. is perfect for a chakra-balancing tune-up and to tap into your power through the sounds of the crystal singing bowls

  • Surrender to the Sound with A'Tiya

    Take a moment to decompress to the heart-opening frequencies of the crystal sound bowls with A'Tiya S. This 5 minute stress reducing sound healing meditation will have you feeling refreshed, grounded, and ready to reassess your stress!

  • "I Am Worthy": Affirmation-Based Meditation ft. the Bass and Steele Tongue Drum

    We joined Jaz & Marrissa Joy in a North Philly studio to listen in on their jam session. Join us for a 4-minute “I am Worthy” sound healing focused on affirmations for building confidence and self-worth ✨

  • Connecting with Your Inner Purpose Through Sound with A'Tiya S.

    Join A'Tiya for her 30 minute sound healing session to bring in the intention of purpose and passion. Allow yourself to be soothed by the sweet sounds of singing bowls, chimes, Kalimba and more in this live class recording.

  • Heart Opening Meditation with A'Tiya

    It's time for a self-esteem check-up with A'Tiya S! Enjoy this energizing and refreshing 10 minute sound healing meditation for self-love and self-healing with crystal singing bowls that will get your chakras balanced and aligned.

  • Restorative Sound Healing Meditation with A'Tiya

    Tap into your power with this sound healing meditation by A'Tiya S. The guided visualizations throughout this practice will help you tap into your own divine energy.

  • Stress Reducing Bass Meditation with Jaz

    Channel and tap into your power to the tune of these mellow sounds by Jaz D. with this 3 minute bass meditation. This intuitive sound healing moment will have you feeling refreshed and aligned.

  • Solar Plexus Breath Meditation with Aubrey

    Use this 10 minute breathwork and sound healing meditation to soften your way into power. Through the use of breath, crystal singing bowls, and guitar you will be able to tap into your power while aligning your chakras with Aubrey H. and Alexia.

  • Revive Your Vibe: Reiki Infused Sound Healing with A'Tiya

    Affirmation & Sound

  • 10 min Balance Through Breathwork with Aubrey H.

    Aubrey H. and Alexia lead us in a 10 minute breath meditation activating and affirming self-love through sound and breath. This meditation can help improve your self-esteem, confidence, and connection to self.

  • "Quiet Your Mind" Soothing Meditation ft. Live Guitar & Bass

    This 10 minute sound healing visualization meditation is not only stress-relieving and opening, but it's also grounding and restorative! Enjoy this special self-care moment with our dynamic duo Marrissa Joy and Jaz D.

  • Self-Healing Meditation with A'Tiya

    Journey to your sacred space with this 10 minute stress-reducing meditation with A'Tiya S. Lean into the power of sound healing with the healing frequencies of these soothing and centering crystal sound bowls.

  • Sound Healing Live Class Replay - A'tiya

  • Sound Healing for Deep Relaxation

    Join Marrissa Joy in this powerful sound healing experience, designed to activate your throat chakra and promote authentic self-expression. The chakras are considered energy centers within the body, originating from ancient Indian belief systems, and are associated with different aspects of our p...

  • Stress-Relieving Meditation ft. Crystal Singing Bowls with A'Tiya

    Take 3-minutes to unwind with this stress-reducing sound-healing session led by A'Tiya S 🌀

    Give yourself permission to release the tension in your shoulders as you breathe deeply and begin to focus on the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls. Expect to return to your day feeling refreshed, c...

  • Intro to Healing Frequencies & Affirmations

    In today’s class, Marrissa continues to share deeply restorative sound frequencies with a live sound bath. She also guides us through a heart-opening meditation based with positive affirmations.

  • Freedom is Your Birthright w/ Marrissa Joy

    Find mental freedom through sound with these healing frequencies using the whimsical sounds of the hang drum. Marrissa Joy reminds us all that freedom is indeed our birthright.