Daily Practices for Cultivating a Deeper Connection with Self

Daily Practices for Cultivating a Deeper Connection with Self

Healing is an evolving journey that looks different from day to day. Instead of searching for a state of “wellness perfection,” let’s explore healing as a lifestyle. In today’s world, it’s so important to care for ourselves not only physically but mentally & emotionally as well. Throughout this series, we will explore a variety of healing modalities that you can practice. This 7-Day series will help you build a healthy habit of healing & connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

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Daily Practices for Cultivating a Deeper Connection with Self
  • Desk Detox: 25-Minute Restorative Yoga Break with Lesley

    About This Class

    Escape the midday slump with our Desk Detox, a 25-minute restorative yoga break designed for beginners and practitioners of all levels. Seamlessly transition from desk work to rejuvenating yoga poses that can be performed in your workspace. Whether you can spare the full half-ho...

  • Guided Visualization and Gentle Movement for Confidence

    In this short yet impactful visualization meditation, Gabbi invites you to connect with your highest self and envision the person you aspire to become by the end of the year. Through gentle heart-opening movement and affirmation-based practices, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your goals an...

  • Grounding Meditative Movement and Breathwork

    Join Gabbi Jane in a grounding meditative movement and breathwork practice designed to open your heart and connect with your highest self. As a part of the 'Inner Connection Toolkit,' this session integrates breathwork and meditation to support personal growth and a connected life. By nurturing y...

  • Box Breathing for Calming the Mind

  • Soothing Sound Bath & Body Scan for Release

    Sink into sound vibrations that will help ease you deeper into your meditation practice. Marrissa uses a live sound healing session with guided visualization exercises that guide your mind & spirit into an internal space for healing. Allow release to happen as we use this experience to call in mo...

  • Releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs

    Perfectionism finds a way to creep into our day in different ways. Follow the sound of Jade’s voice as she shows us how to fully let go of the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect. Give yourself that freedom, and get ready to embody your true authenticity.