*NEW* Inner Connection Toolkit: Mindfulness Practices for a Connected Life

*NEW* Inner Connection Toolkit: Mindfulness Practices for a Connected Life

Inspired by the U.S. Surgeon General Advisory's report "Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation: The Healing Effects of Social Connection and Community," we've created the 'Inner Connection Toolkit: Mindfulness Practices for a Connected Life' playlist for Mental Health Awareness Month. This carefully curated collection features a variety of mindfulness practices, such as breathwork, meditation, yoga, and stretching exercises, perfect for midday breaks to nurture your inner connection and alleviate loneliness.

Practicing mindfulness, even individually, can improve your connections with others by fostering empathy, compassion, and emotional regulation. These qualities can deepen your relationships and help you feel more connected with those around you, even when you're physically apart or connecting virtually.

The practices in this playlist not only support self-care but also promote a sense of connection with others, helping to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation in alignment with the National Strategy to Advance Social Connection. By taking a moment for yourself and engaging with the 'Inner Connection Toolkit:,' you actively contribute to the collective effort to prioritize mental health and enhance social connections.

Join us this Mental Health Awareness Month and explore how these transformative practices can empower you to build a healthier, more resilient, and authentically connected life!

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*NEW* Inner Connection Toolkit: Mindfulness Practices for a Connected Life
  • Heart-Opening Sound Healing Journey

    Join Marrissa Joy in a transformative sound healing bath designed to help you reconnect with your body and heart. Scientific research has shown that sound healing can reduce stress, anxiety, and even physical pain by inducing deep relaxation. In this immersive experience, Marissa uses the healing...

  • Sound Healing for Deep Relaxation

    Join Marrissa Joy in this powerful sound healing experience, designed to activate your throat chakra and promote authentic self-expression. The chakras are considered energy centers within the body, originating from ancient Indian belief systems, and are associated with different aspects of our p...

  • Guided Visualization and Gentle Movement for Confidence

    In this short yet impactful visualization meditation, Gabbi invites you to connect with your highest self and envision the person you aspire to become by the end of the year. Through gentle heart-opening movement and affirmation-based practices, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your goals an...

  • Grounding Meditative Movement and Breathwork

    Join Gabbi Jane in a grounding meditative movement and breathwork practice designed to open your heart and connect with your highest self. As a part of the 'Inner Connection Toolkit,' this session integrates breathwork and meditation to support personal growth and a connected life. By nurturing y...