Midday Reset

Midday Reset

Ever have one of those days that feel crazy long, and then you realize the day isn’t even over yet? We’ve been there. Honestly, sometimes you just need to reset the WHOLE day and start over halfway through. This playlist will get you there and provide you with a complete mental/emotional reset. Explore this variety of gentle guided stretching & breathwork practices. Full of flexible techniques, you can take a moment for yourself wherever you are, whether in the office, your car, your home, or on the go.

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Midday Reset
  • [Live Class Replay] Side Body Stretch with Jade O.

    Relax into this yoga flow with Jade as she leads you through these movements to help you move towards living unapologetically. Wake up your spine with these organic, fluid stretches.

  • 4-4-4 Breathwork Technique with A'Tiya

    Allow A'Tiya to guide you through her signature breathwork practice—4x4x4. In this session she will teach you how to use your breath to feel more calm and relaxed throughout your day.

  • Serene Stretching

    Release the tension in your body in this seated stretch with Jade. During this practice, allow yourself to soften your shoulders and explore your inner sanctuary.

  • Coherent Breathing with Aubrey

  • Seated Stretching with Lesley

    Join Lesley in this gentle, seated flow meant to release any stiffness or soreness. This flow focuses on the neck and side body. It's a great break during your day since it's only 6 minutes, you're able to give your body a bit of love, even on busy days!