Balancing Breathwork

Balancing Breathwork

Breathing is something we do all day every day & barely ever notice, yet it has such an impact on our minds and bodies. It is key to vital health and this playlist is full of therapeutic breathwork guidance all under 5 min, making it super easy to fit into your day! Even if you don’t have a lot of time, these breathwork practices will help put a stop to acute stress responses and instead, trigger the body’s natural relaxation response, making room for more clarity and peace of mind.

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Balancing Breathwork
  • [Live Class Replay] Breathwork for Stress Relief - May 15, 2023

    Experience the transformative benefits of somatic breathwork in this session led by Aubrey Howard. This class provides an accessible exploration of movement and breathwork techniques designed to assist in reducing stress and cultivating a grounded presence. Whether you are new to breathwork or ha...

  • Lion's Breath with Lesley

    Ground yourself through your breath in this powerful breathwork exercise. It is a simple practice that can be used to clear your mind and release any stale, stuck energy!

  • 4-4-4 Breathwork Technique with A'Tiya

    Allow A'Tiya to guide you through her signature breathwork practice—4x4x4. In this session she will teach you how to use your breath to feel more calm and relaxed throughout your day.

  • Grounding Meditation with Chanting & Humming

  • Box Breathing Technique with Tahara

    Reconnect to your breath with this 5 minute box breath exercise facilitated by Tahara C. If you're looking for some grounding and restoration in your day this centering breathwork exercise is exactly what you need!

  • Align and Balance Your Breath with Marrissa Joy

    Re-center and re-align your mind with this 3 minute breathworth exercise led by Marrissa Joy. This is a quick exercise you can do on the go, at work, or at any point throughout your day to reset.

  • Balancing Breathwork with Aubrey

    Discover the stress-relieving power of breathwork in this 3 minute breath retention exercise by Aubrey H. This affirming, cleansing, and balancing breathwork meditation will help you to reset your mind and restart your day!