Sound Baths ft. Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound Baths ft. Crystal Singing Bowls

Delve into this oasis of sound therapy through different healing frequencies that can help open your heart chakra, encourage deeper & more restful sleep, all while completely relieving your mind and body from the effects of stress. Let yourself unwind and take in the healing frequencies of crystal singing bowls & guided meditations with A’Tiya. Whether you’re looking for a quick tune-up or a more in-depth session this collection of classes has everything you need. Find yourself feeling more restored, cleared, and grounded.

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Sound Baths ft. Crystal Singing Bowls
  • [Live Class Replay] Juneteenth Sound Bath ft. Affirmations for Liberation

    In this class, you’ll learn how to pause, recognize your thoughts, and use positive affirmations to access inner peace. You’ll also get an opportunity to create and share your own affirmations with your community. You can expect to leave class feeling empowered and grounded.

    Benefits: Reduces n...

  • Deep Sleep Meditation W/ A'Tiya S

    Ease into well-deserved relaxation or sleep with this 5 minute sound healing meditation for sleep by A'Tiya S. Let the melodic sounds of the crystal singing bowls help you drift away peacefully into a restful sleep.

  • Meditation for Better Sleep with A'Tiya

    Release any energy that no longer serves you and get ready for sleep! This quick 5 minute sleep meditation will take you to a sensorial wonderland with A'Tiya S. playing the crystal singing bowls and a kalimba.

  • Restorative Sound Healing Meditation with A'Tiya

    Tap into your power with this sound healing meditation by A'Tiya S. The guided visualizations throughout this practice will help you tap into your own divine energy.

  • Stress-Relieving Meditation ft. Crystal Singing Bowls with A'Tiya

    Take 3-minutes to unwind with this stress-reducing sound-healing session led by A'Tiya S 🌀

    Give yourself permission to release the tension in your shoulders as you breathe deeply and begin to focus on the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls. Expect to return to your day feeling refreshed, c...

  • Heart Opening Meditation with A'Tiya

    It's time for a self-esteem check-up with A'Tiya S! Enjoy this energizing and refreshing 10 minute sound healing meditation for self-love and self-healing with crystal singing bowls that will get your chakras balanced and aligned.

  • Sound Healing Chakra Tune-Up with A'Tiya

    Need a quick pick me up? This 3 minute sound healing meditation with A'Tiya S. is perfect for a chakra-balancing tune-up and to tap into your power through the sounds of the crystal singing bowls

  • Self-Healing Meditation with A'Tiya

    Journey to your sacred space with this 10 minute stress-reducing meditation with A'Tiya S. Lean into the power of sound healing with the healing frequencies of these soothing and centering crystal sound bowls.

  • Surrender to the Sound with A'Tiya

    Take a moment to decompress to the heart-opening frequencies of the crystal sound bowls with A'Tiya S. This 5 minute stress reducing sound healing meditation will have you feeling refreshed, grounded, and ready to reassess your stress!

  • Connecting with Your Inner Purpose Through Sound with A'Tiya S.

    Join A'Tiya for her 30 minute sound healing session to bring in the intention of purpose and passion. Allow yourself to be soothed by the sweet sounds of singing bowls, chimes, Kalimba and more in this live class recording.