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  • Guided Visualization and Gentle Movement for Confidence

    In this short yet impactful visualization meditation, Gabbi invites you to connect with your highest self and envision the person you aspire to become by the end of the year. Through gentle heart-opening movement and affirmation-based practices, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your goals an...

  • Grounding Meditative Movement and Breathwork

    Join Gabbi Jane in a grounding meditative movement and breathwork practice designed to open your heart and connect with your highest self. As a part of the 'Inner Connection Toolkit,' this session integrates breathwork and meditation to support personal growth and a connected life. By nurturing y...

  • Gentle Movement for Releasing Fear

    Many of us feel like imposters as we approach the edge of our comfort zone. The fear of being seen as less than perfect can make us feel trapped and uncomfortable in our bodies. Luckily, the connection between the mind and body is a sacred one. Allow Gabbi's voice to guide you through this gentle...

  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama for Balance

    In this session, Gabbi guides us through a few ways that we can use breathwork for stress management. She takes us through her favorite practice, "Nadi Shodhana", also known as "alternate nostril breathing".

  • Detoxifying Lion's Breath

    In this session, Gabbi guided us on using Lion’s Breath. In the yogic tradition, lion's breath is thought to help people balance or clear their throat chakras and strengthen their lungs. It's also an energizing breath and is often done before a physical yoga practice.