How to Manage Performance-Related Stress & Anxiety

How to Manage Performance-Related Stress & Anxiety

The Nalaverse Entrepreneur Package was designed exclusively for Entrepreneurs, Founders and Executives. Leaders in these roles face a multitude of unique challenges associated with launching a brand-new organization, enterprise or division. Nalaverse understands that these challenges can often be intensified for those who come from traditionally marginalized populations.

This module is ideal for entrepreneurs, founders and executives who, in addition to the external demands placed upon them by their roles, must also contend with the incessant demands placed upon them by the loudest, most critical voice of them all – their own.

The Nalaverse Entrepreneur Module helps founders and executives to:
*Be inspired rather than driven or compelled
*Use disappointment and anxiety as learning tools to increase self-awareness
*Tune into their inner wisdom while quieting their inner critics
*Develop healthy habits for processing stress
*Increase productivity, confidence, and belief in self
*Remain adventurous and open to possibility
*Be more present and enjoy the journey

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How to Manage Performance-Related Stress & Anxiety
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