Marrissa Joy (she/her)

Marrissa Joy (she/her)

Marrissa Joy is a sound-healing artist, singer/musician, intuitive energy healer, herbalist, and spiritual practitioner. Marrissa Joy uses her healing gifts to offer an alternative option for all to access health and well-being in a way tailored to their own unique journey. She creates spaces for others to find their voice and continue on the path of self-empowerment.

Marrissa Joy (she/her)
  • Intro to Healing Frequencies & Affirmations

    In today’s class, Marrissa continues to share deeply restorative sound frequencies with a live sound bath. She also guides us through a heart-opening meditation based with positive affirmations.

  • Heart-Opening Sound Healing Journey

    Join Marrissa Joy in a transformative sound healing bath designed to help you reconnect with your body and heart. Scientific research has shown that sound healing can reduce stress, anxiety, and even physical pain by inducing deep relaxation. In this immersive experience, Marissa uses the healing...

  • Soothing Sound Bath & Body Scan for Release

    Sink into sound vibrations that will help ease you deeper into your meditation practice. Marrissa uses a live sound healing session with guided visualization exercises that guide your mind & spirit into an internal space for healing. Allow release to happen as we use this experience to call in mo...

  • Heart Centered Grounding Breath

    In today’s class, Marrissa guides us through heart-centered breathing and self-grounding techniques. By paying attention to the subtleties of our heartbeat and breathing, we can calm the nervous system with this gentle focus practice.

  • Mindful Breathing Practice

    In this session, Marrissa guides us through a meditation on gratitude and use of grounding techniques. She also takes us through a mindful breathing practice showing us how to pay closer attention to the signals our body and breath send us.

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

    In this session, Marrissa guides us through the preparatory pranayama breathing and a gentle affirmation based meditation with diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing, often called “belly breathing” is breathing that is done through contracting the diaphragm to encourage full oxygen exch...

  • Sound Healing Harmony

    Sound healing improves intuition by clearing blockages. Allow yourself to cleanse your energy and drift off into the Nalaverse during a magical steel tongue performance by Marrissa Joy.

  • "I Am Worthy": Affirmation-Based Meditation ft. the Bass and Steele Tongue Drum

    We joined Jaz & Marrissa Joy in a North Philly studio to listen in on their jam session. Join us for a 4-minute “I am Worthy” sound healing focused on affirmations for building confidence and self-worth ✨

  • Meditation for Self-Empowerment with Marrissa Joy

    Tap into your power with Marrissa Joy. in this 5 minute grounding and affirming self-empowering meditation. Channel your highest self and connect to your ancestors with this quick self-care moment rooted in self-healing.

  • "Quiet Your Mind" Soothing Meditation ft. Live Guitar & Bass

    This 10 minute sound healing visualization meditation is not only stress-relieving and opening, but it's also grounding and restorative! Enjoy this special self-care moment with our dynamic duo Marrissa Joy and Jaz D.

  • Align and Balance Your Breath with Marrissa Joy

    Re-center and re-align your mind with this 3 minute breathworth exercise led by Marrissa Joy. This is a quick exercise you can do on the go, at work, or at any point throughout your day to reset.