Nikita (she/her) - Grounding Meditation

Nikita (she/her) - Grounding Meditation

Nikita is an island girl who loves the sun, the fresh ocean breeze, and biting into sweet, juicy mangoes. For many years Nikita has been on a journey of healing and growth that has required her to define and cultivate her spiritual practice. She’s learned that there is no wasted time in this life, as long as she stays open to opportunities, willing to learn, and seeks to alchemize lessons into purpose. Nikita is also a jewelry designer, sometimes research assistant, singer, and all-around creative. It's her pleasure to share space with others who are also on this journey of self-discovery.

Nikita (she/her) - Grounding Meditation
  • Breathe and Release Tension in the Body with Nikita

    Many of us hold tension from stress and anxiety in our bodies. In this practice, Nikita uses guided affirmations and a body scan to help you calm your mind and reduce tension in your body.

  • Meet NIkita Harmon

  • Meditation to Connect to Self with Nikita

    Nikita H. is here to shift your energy with another powerful guided visualization meditation. This 5 minute meditation will help you improve your self-esteem as you shift into an abundance mindset.

  • Meditation to Be Present with Nikita

    Work on your mind-body connection and being present with Nikita H. Get ready to unpack your anxiety in this empowering and affirming 5 minute stress-reducing meditation.

  • Meditation for Relaxation with Nikita

    Feeling restless? Looking to wind down your day into a peaceful evening? Nikita H. is here to guide you in a 5 minute meditation for sleep that will help ease you into a state of relaxation and openness that's perfect for getting ready for bed!

  • Meditation for Grief with Nikita

    Practice self-love through your grief with Nikita H. This 10 minute grief self-healing meditation will help affirm and re-energize you while you process your emotions.

  • Meditation to Release Tension with Nikita

    Release your tension and stress and reclaim your rest with Nikita H. This 10 minute stress-reducing meditation is perfect for unwinding after a long and busy workday.

  • Affirmations & Breathwork for Abundance with Nikita

    Use this quick 10 minute guided meditation to attract abundance and feel grounded in your body. Nikita uses affirmations and gentle reminders to show up for yourself with grace as you move through this exercise.

  • Affirmations for Abundance with Nikita

    This affirmation-centered meditation by Nikita H. is inspiring and grounding. Enjoy this quick meditation to give yourself a renewed sense of safety, stability and self-esteem

  • Meditation to Tap into Forgiveness with Nikita

    Looking for a quick tune-up? Nikita H. has you covered with this opening and restorative 3 minute self-healing meditation that will help you tap into the power of forgiveness.