Self Worth & Abundance

Self Worth & Abundance

Give every part of your being a reminder of how worthy you truly are. Throughout this playlist our talented instructors guide us through, breathwork, movement, and healing meditations to recenter our minds and spirits around a natural state of abundance, inner power, and worthiness.

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Self Worth & Abundance
  • Guided Visualization and Gentle Movement for Confidence

    In this short yet impactful visualization meditation, Gabbi invites you to connect with your highest self and envision the person you aspire to become by the end of the year. Through gentle heart-opening movement and affirmation-based practices, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your goals an...

  • "I Am Worthy": Affirmation-Based Meditation ft. the Bass and Steele Tongue Drum

    We joined Jaz & Marrissa Joy in a North Philly studio to listen in on their jam session. Join us for a 4-minute “I am Worthy” sound healing focused on affirmations for building confidence and self-worth ✨

  • Giving Thanks to Our Body ft. Self-Massage and Affirmations with Jaz

    Join Jaz for 5 minutes of self-massage, breathwork, and affirmations focused on self-love and gratitude. Tune into the present moment and let go of stress in this guided practice with Jaz.

  • Feel Good Flow with Jade O.

    [All levels] How to Prepare: Bring a mat and movement friendly clothes // Jade's classes are all about feeling good from the inside out. Utilizing movement and the breath, the ultimate goal is to ground you deeper within. Jade's class will help you to create a more connected and grounded relation...

  • Affirmations & Breathwork for Abundance with Nikita

    Use this quick 10 minute guided meditation to attract abundance and feel grounded in your body. Nikita uses affirmations and gentle reminders to show up for yourself with grace as you move through this exercise.

  • Balancing Sun-Moon Breath with Jamilah

    The sun represents heated energy and makes us feel more firey and invigorated, while the moon represents calming energy that helps us rest. Try this practice for 5-Min or the full 9-Min and return to your day feeling centered.

  • Meditation for Self-Empowerment with Marrissa Joy

    Tap into your power with Marrissa Joy. in this 5 minute grounding and affirming self-empowering meditation. Channel your highest self and connect to your ancestors with this quick self-care moment rooted in self-healing.