Tahara (she/her)

Tahara (she/her)

Like many, Tahara C. found yoga in her search for light. In need of connection to herself, Tahara found healing through yoga, meditation, and breathwork. Her goal is to create a space for you to explore your innate power and ability to heal. Tahara stays true to her Bhakti roots by weaving affirmations, mantras, mudras, and intentions throughout each practice. Check out class with Tahara, as she believes this practice is more than just physical and helps us to see that all we need is already within us. Yoga just requires us to show up!

Tahara (she/her)
  • Meet Tahara Chaplin

  • 10-Min Hip-Opener for Inner Freedom with Tahara

    True liberation also comes from the act of stress relief. Celebrate the past this month by nurturing the areas that withhold the most stress: hips. This is a gentle, 11 minute flow to help loosen up any blockage in that area, allowing you to truly celebrate from the inside, out.

  • Grounding Yoga Flow with Tahara C.

    Feed your body and soul through movement and breath! In this 30 minute live class recording, Tahara will lead you through her Mandala Vinyasa Flow to connect to the mind and body.

  • Box Breathing Technique with Tahara

    Reconnect to your breath with this 5 minute box breath exercise facilitated by Tahara C. If you're looking for some grounding and restoration in your day this centering breathwork exercise is exactly what you need!