Jaz (she/her)

Jaz (she/her)

Creating more health, harmony, peace, and joy in herself and the world is Jaz’s passion and she thrives on embodying love, compassion, and mindfulness with others. Jaz is a meditation and mindful movement instructor, musician, dancer, intuitive healing artist and positive psychology-based Reiki master. These practices enrich her with a fun, fulfilling life as well as resilience for life’s inevitable ups and downs! Jaz believes that when we unite to embody mindfulness and love, we tap into our highest selves and show up in the world the way we want to, letting our great bright light shine.

Jaz (she/her)
  • Affirmations & Chill - May 22, 2023

    Immerse yourself in the tranquil experience of 'Affirmations and Chill', led by our instructor Jaz D. Created with an aim to instill calm and peace, Jaz guides participants through a journey of mindful meditation, accompanied by the soothing practice of havening and breath awareness. The class is...

  • Intro to Self Havening Touch

    In this session, Jaz guided us on how to utilize self havening touch. Movement and touch offer two tactile spaces in which you can begin to move out of your head and into your body. In this space, you can begin to release anxious energy and feelings and begin to restore a sense of calm and control.

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing

    In this session, Jaz guides us through mindful breathing, mindful movement and alternate nostril breathing. Alternate nostril breathing is a yogic breathing technique that is used to balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain as well as balancing the feminine and masculine energies of the...

  • Grounding Breathwork with Jaz

    In this breathwork session, Jaz guides us through gentle neck rolls, a seated cat-cow, and alternate nostril breathing.

  • Breath Awareness and Gratitude

    Join as Jaz helps us learn how to become aware of our breath through 15 minutes of a soothing havening technique and guided affirmations focused on gratitude.

    Key Affirmation: "I am grateful for the flow of my life".

  • Breathwork for Emotional Regulation

    In this session, Jaz guides us through relaxing seated cat cow, box breath, physiological sign, havening, and some positive affirmations!

  • Becoming Aware of Our Breath with Jaz

    In this soothing meditation, Jaz helps us connect with our breath through guided affirmations. Take 5-Min today to slow down your breath, and then return to your present life feeling more centered, grounded, and powerful.

  • Get Grounded Through A Walking Meditation with Jaz

  • Meditation Flow

    Bathe in light and love in this guided meditation with Jaz of Nalaverse. During this guided flow, allow yourself to embrace all that is good and for you.

  • "I Am Worthy": Affirmation-Based Meditation ft. the Bass and Steele Tongue Drum

    We joined Jaz & Marrissa Joy in a North Philly studio to listen in on their jam session. Join us for a 4-minute “I am Worthy” sound healing focused on affirmations for building confidence and self-worth ✨

  • Self-Soothing Meditation with Jaz

    Create your own peace with this quick 3 mintue self-soothing meditation by Jaz D! Enjoy the affirming and grounding guidance that will have you feeling re-energized.

  • "Quiet Your Mind" Soothing Meditation ft. Live Guitar & Bass

    This 10 minute sound healing visualization meditation is not only stress-relieving and opening, but it's also grounding and restorative! Enjoy this special self-care moment with our dynamic duo Marrissa Joy and Jaz D.

  • Self-Love Meditation with Jaz

    Lean in to the magic of your self-love with Jaz D. and this empowering 5 minute self-love meditation. This affirming meditation will help you embrace your joy and help you feel more connected to yourself and ready to share the wonders of meditation with your community!

  • Stress Reducing Bass Meditation with Jaz

    Channel and tap into your power to the tune of these mellow sounds by Jaz D. with this 3 minute bass meditation. This intuitive sound healing moment will have you feeling refreshed and aligned.

  • Affirmations for Self-Love with Jaz

    Open yourself up for deeper connection within. Join Jaz for this short meditation to welcome in love and grounding.