Live Class Replays - Meditation

Live Class Replays - Meditation

If you missed our live classes or want to just experience them again this collection is a perfect mix of beginner-friendly mindfulness meditation with a few of our amazing meditation instructors. Tap into the power of your stillness with Niv, gain a sense of peace & serenity with Samantha, refresh your spirit with self-love affirmations with Jaz, and explore liberation through sound healing with Heather.

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Live Class Replays - Meditation
  • [Live Class Replay] Juneteenth Sound Bath ft. Affirmations for Liberation

    In this class, you’ll learn how to pause, recognize your thoughts, and use positive affirmations to access inner peace. You’ll also get an opportunity to create and share your own affirmations with your community. You can expect to leave class feeling empowered and grounded.

    Benefits: Reduces n...

  • Affirmations & Chill - May 22, 2023

    Immerse yourself in the tranquil experience of 'Affirmations and Chill', led by our instructor Jaz D. Created with an aim to instill calm and peace, Jaz guides participants through a journey of mindful meditation, accompanied by the soothing practice of havening and breath awareness. The class is...

  • [Live Class Replay] Affirmations and Chill - March 30, 2023

    During this 30-minute live class, Jaz guided us through a short meditation and journaling exercise. We learned how to pause, recognize negative thoughts, and use positive affirmations to practice gratitude. We also learned how to create affirmations that help us manage some of our "mental habits....

  • Connecting to Self Through Stillness with Niv

  • Meditation for Peace & Serenity with Samatha

    Explore the realm of breathwork and meditation with Samantha in this 30 minute class recording. Allow yourself to create a space of peace and serenity within the present moment.

  • Affirmations for Self-Love with Jaz

    Open yourself up for deeper connection within. Join Jaz for this short meditation to welcome in love and grounding.

  • Finding Liberation in the Workplace Through Sound with Heather

    Allow the sounds of singing bowls and triangles to inspire and move you on this magical journey with Heather. Make sure to grab a pillow and get comfy!

  • Mindful Mondays with Samantha

    [All levels] How to Prepare: All you need for this class is your breath // This is a mindfulness-based and breath-centered practice open to all. In our online sessions, we meditate with our videos off so that we are more inclusive of folks and so that we focus on ourselves. Samantha guides everyo...