Lesley (she/her)

Lesley (she/her)

From the age of 16, Lesley P. has held a deep affinity for yoga and meditation in her life. She began her practice after a sports injury left her with a torn ACL and MCL. From there she continued to utilize yoga as a space of peace through challenging times in college and after. Since that time she has been teaching various styles of yoga and is continuing to augment her yoga education. Currently, she is in pursuit of her Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Certification with Shakti School under the tutelage of Katie Silcox.

Lesley (she/her)
  • Desk Detox: 25-Minute Restorative Yoga Break with Lesley

    About This Class

    Escape the midday slump with our Desk Detox, a 25-minute restorative yoga break designed for beginners and practitioners of all levels. Seamlessly transition from desk work to rejuvenating yoga poses that can be performed in your workspace. Whether you can spare the full half-ho...

  • Lion's Breath with Lesley

    Ground yourself through your breath in this powerful breathwork exercise. It is a simple practice that can be used to clear your mind and release any stale, stuck energy!

  • Channelling Ancestral Energy through Yoga with Lesley P.

  • Processing Change Through Yoga with Lesley P.

    In this 30 minute live class recording, Lesley will guide you through intention setting and intention-inspired movement. Using a grounding flow, this class will help you build a strong foundation for your mind and body.

  • Seated Stretching with Lesley

    Join Lesley in this gentle, seated flow meant to release any stiffness or soreness. This flow focuses on the neck and side body. It's a great break during your day since it's only 6 minutes, you're able to give your body a bit of love, even on busy days!