The Basics: Breathwork Techniques

The Basics: Breathwork Techniques

Breathwork is a general term used to describe conscious breathing exercises to improve mental, physical and spiritual health. It draws from Eastern practices and traditions like Yoga and Buddhism while incorporating Western psychotherapy techniques. In general, the goal of breathwork is to support people in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness and capacity for self-healing.

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The Basics: Breathwork Techniques
  • Manage Stress & Anxiety with Box-Breath

    Box-breathing, also known as “square breathing,” is a powerful and simple practice that you can use at any point in your day to manage stress and enhance your concentration. As you bring awareness to your breath, you may notice that the chatter in your mind slows down.

  • Becoming Aware of Our Breath with Jaz

    In this soothing meditation, Jaz helps us connect with our breath through guided affirmations. Take 5-Min today to slow down your breath, and then return to your present life feeling more centered, grounded, and powerful.

  • Grounding 4-Part Breath with Aubrey

    4-part breath is a powerful practice that reduces anxiety and stress, making it one of the easiest breathing techniques to remember when you are in need of a quick reset! Aubrey will guide you through a practice to smooth-out irregularities within the breath and calm the mind.

  • Breathe and Release Tension in the Body with Nikita

    Many of us hold tension from stress and anxiety in our bodies. In this practice, Nikita uses guided affirmations and a body scan to help you calm your mind and reduce tension in your body.

  • Balancing Sun-Moon Breath with Jamilah

    The sun represents heated energy and makes us feel more firey and invigorated, while the moon represents calming energy that helps us rest. Try this practice for 5-Min or the full 9-Min and return to your day feeling centered.

  • Intro to Breathwork with Aubrey

    In this short video, Aubrey breaks down how breathwork can improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Breathwork techniques like coherent breathing, box-breath, and more are simple tools that can help manage stress as well as symptoms of depression, chronic pain, unresolved trauma, and more....

  • How to Use Diaphragmatic Breathing to Relax with Aubrey

    Feeling on edge? It could be because you've been breathing improperly due to stress, trauma, or physical tension and never even knew! By bringing awareness to how you take each breath, you can positively impact your blood pressure, increase respiratory function and improve your mood and energy le...

  • How to Use Coherent Breathing to Regulate Your Emotions with Aubrey

    We can't control our life experiences, but we can control how we respond to the emotions that we feel throughout difficult situations. Coherent breathing makes it easier for you to become aware of your emotions so that you can consciously respond instead of reacting. Join Aubrey as she guides us ...

  • Breathwork Tips with Aubrey