7-Day Program - Letting Go of Perfectionism Through Mindfulness

7-Day Program - Letting Go of Perfectionism Through Mindfulness

When were we taught that being a perfectionist was a good thing? We may think the term translates to “hard worker,” but at Nalaverse, we’ve learned that perfectionism tends to set us up for unnecessary stress, disappointment & unfair self-critique. Furthermore, studies show that perfectionism, especially self-oriented perfectionism, can lead to significant mental health consequences such as depression, general anxiety, socially-specific anxiety, lower life satisfaction, and feelings of low self-worth.

This 7-day series will help you learn how to manage stress and anxiety related to “getting it right” or showing up as perfect in your relationships, work, school, and more. Each session will feature practices that will help you get grounded, challenge unhealthy thought patterns (i.e. all or nothing thinking), and shift your perspective on any obstacles that you’re currently facing in life. We’ll also learn how to honor our imperfections and adopt a healthier mindset around productivity, work ethic, and self-acceptance.

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7-Day Program - Letting Go of Perfectionism Through Mindfulness
  • Releasing Tension: A Body Scan Meditation for Letting Go of Perfectionism

    Welcome to "Releasing Tension: A Body Scan Meditation for Letting Go of Perfectionism", a guided meditation designed to help you release tension and embrace imperfection. As part of our playlist on releasing perfectionism, we understand how difficult it can be to process the emotions that come wi...

  • Self-Love Meditation with Jaz

    Lean in to the magic of your self-love with Jaz D. and this empowering 5 minute self-love meditation. This affirming meditation will help you embrace your joy and help you feel more connected to yourself and ready to share the wonders of meditation with your community!

  • Releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs

    Perfectionism finds a way to creep into our day in different ways. Follow the sound of Jade’s voice as she shows us how to fully let go of the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect. Give yourself that freedom, and get ready to embody your true authenticity.

  • Gentle Movement for Releasing Fear

    Many of us feel like imposters as we approach the edge of our comfort zone. The fear of being seen as less than perfect can make us feel trapped and uncomfortable in our bodies. Luckily, the connection between the mind and body is a sacred one. Allow Gabbi's voice to guide you through this gentle...

  • 10-Min Seated Restorative Yoga

  • Loving-Kindness Meditation for Self-Compassion

    Have you ever questioned how much pressure you put on yourself to “do it right”? Or how you treat yourself when you make a mistake? What if you released all of the expectations that you place on yourself?

    This practice will help you take a moment to deeply center into a deep sense of grace and t...

  • Reconnecting to Self Through Box Breathing

    Breathwork is a simple yet powerful tool that we can access within ourselves every day. Box breath, in particular, is helpful for grounding and can relieve stress and anxiety in just a few minutes. Noticing your breath, whether short, shallow, or long & deep, makes it easier for you to connect wi...