Aubrey (she/her)

Aubrey (she/her)

Aubrey identifies as a queer woman of color who believes in the natural healing power of the self through breath, movement, and connection to the spirit. She feels that at the heart of the practice is the art of acceptance, stillness, and surrender. Aubrey’s own challenges with anxiety and depression prompted her to look further at the mind and how its influence affects our state of being in the world—especially in communities of marginalized people. Aubrey’s guiding intention is to love and support people on their journey towards self-discovery.

Aubrey (she/her)
  • [Live Class Replay] Breathwork for Stress Relief - May 15, 2023

    Experience the transformative benefits of somatic breathwork in this session led by Aubrey Howard. This class provides an accessible exploration of movement and breathwork techniques designed to assist in reducing stress and cultivating a grounded presence. Whether you are new to breathwork or ha...

  • Unearthing with Conscious Breathing

    In this session, Aubrey guides us on how to move through our triggers through grounding and conscious breathing. She also takes us through the Preparatory Pranayama and the Shh & Mmm breath. This somatic breathing exercise combines sound and vocal toning to activate the vagus nerve, extend your e...

  • Focus with Bellow's Breath

    In this session, Aubrey guides us on using the bellow’s breath for mental clarity and focus. She also starts us off with a light meditation. Make sure to listen to your body during the practice. If you feel light-headed, take a pause for a few minutes while breathing naturally. Then try another r...

  • The Butterfly Hug Breath

    In this session Aubrey guides us on the butterfly hug breath. The butterfly hug is an immediate stress-reducing technique that helps to decrease anxiety and lower the heart rate. She also shows us how to prepare the body for a breathing practice with the Preparatory Pranayama breath.

  • Intro to Bhastrika Breathing

    In today’s class, Aubrey guided us on Bhastrika. Bhastrika, or “bellows breath,” is a traditional breathing exercise in yoga that helps to increase Prana or life force in your being. It’s often used to energize the body and clarify the mind by stoking agni or internal fire. If you feel hazy, or l...

  • Reset From Your Desk - Intro to Somatic Breathwork

    In today's practice, Aubrey introduces us to breathwork by walking us through a few breathwork best practices. She guides us through Preparatory Pranayama breathing and the Shh & Mmm Breath. This somatic breathing exercise combines sound and vocal toning to activate the vagus nerve, extend your e...

  • Grounding Breathwork with Aubrey

    Join Aubrey for 15 minutes of grounding preparatory breathwork and 4-Part Breath, also known as box breath.

  • Stress-Relieving Humming & Step Breathing

    In this session, Aubrey guides us through a variation of seated cat-cow, bee's breath, and step breathing for immediate stress relief.

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing and Gratitude with Aubrey

    Join us for 15-minutes of diaphragmatic breathing with Aubrey! Diaphragmatic breathing it's scientifically proven to help to soothe the nervous system by stimulating your vagus nerve. Overtime, it can also help to improve blood pressure and metabolic diseases like type two diabetes. Diaphragmatic...

  • Breathwork Tips with Aubrey

  • How to Use Coherent Breathing to Regulate Your Emotions with Aubrey

    We can't control our life experiences, but we can control how we respond to the emotions that we feel throughout difficult situations. Coherent breathing makes it easier for you to become aware of your emotions so that you can consciously respond instead of reacting. Join Aubrey as she guides us ...

  • How to Use Diaphragmatic Breathing to Relax with Aubrey

    Feeling on edge? It could be because you've been breathing improperly due to stress, trauma, or physical tension and never even knew! By bringing awareness to how you take each breath, you can positively impact your blood pressure, increase respiratory function and improve your mood and energy le...

  • Intro to Breathwork with Aubrey

    In this short video, Aubrey breaks down how breathwork can improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Breathwork techniques like coherent breathing, box-breath, and more are simple tools that can help manage stress as well as symptoms of depression, chronic pain, unresolved trauma, and more....

  • Grounding 4-Part Breath with Aubrey

    4-part breath is a powerful practice that reduces anxiety and stress, making it one of the easiest breathing techniques to remember when you are in need of a quick reset! Aubrey will guide you through a practice to smooth-out irregularities within the breath and calm the mind.

  • Meet Aubrey Howard

  • Manage Stress & Anxiety with Box-Breath

    Box-breathing, also known as “square breathing,” is a powerful and simple practice that you can use at any point in your day to manage stress and enhance your concentration. As you bring awareness to your breath, you may notice that the chatter in your mind slows down.

  • Breathwork & Sound Healing with Aubrey

    Between the guided visualizations, affirmations, and melody of the guitar, this breathwork meditation by Aubrey H. & Alexia will help melt away your stress. This quick 5-minute meditation is also great for a midday confidence and clarity boost!

  • Balancing Breathwork with Aubrey

    Discover the stress-relieving power of breathwork in this 3 minute breath retention exercise by Aubrey H. This affirming, cleansing, and balancing breathwork meditation will help you to reset your mind and restart your day!