Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine with the help of instructors who understand your journey. Support diverse creators while practicing self-care by exploring breathwork, meditation, and yoga videos created in partnership with our instructor community.

  • Michael Okech

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    Master Trainer and co-founder of New York Stretch Therapy, Michael Okech holds an MA in Business Administration, is pursuing an MSc in Applied Neuroscience, and is certified in Postural Restoration, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Coherent Breathing, and Yoga Breathing. His unique, holistic program impr...

  • Gabbi
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  • Jamilah Middlebrooks (she/her)

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    Having always used athletics as a method to cleanse her mind and transform her body, Jamilah is excited to contribute to your personal transformation through movement and breathing. Using movement, gentle stretching, and affirmations, Jamilah aims to help us cleanse ourselves of anxiety, ultimate...

  • Adriana Adele (she/they)

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  • Aubrey (she/her)

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    Aubrey identifies as a queer woman of color who believes in the natural healing power of the self through breath, movement, and connection to the spirit. She feels that at the heart of the practice is the art of acceptance, stillness, and surrender. Aubrey’s own challenges with anxiety and depres...

  • Jaz (she/her)

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    Creating more health, harmony, peace, and joy in herself and the world is Jaz’s passion and she thrives on embodying love, compassion, and mindfulness with others. Jaz is a meditation and mindful movement instructor, musician, dancer, intuitive healing artist and positive psychology-based Reiki m...

  • Marrissa Joy (she/her)

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    Marrissa Joy is a sound-healing artist, singer/musician, intuitive energy healer, herbalist, and spiritual practitioner. Marrissa Joy uses her healing gifts to offer an alternative option for all to access health and well-being in a way tailored to their own unique journey. She creates spaces for...

  • A'Tiya (she/her)

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    A'Tiya is a yoga instructor, sound healing practitioner, and Reiki healer. Originally from New York City, A'Tiya now resides in Philadelphia, PA. Her work is rooted in providing tools to her clients and groups alike to step into their power and become fully aligned.

  • Nikita (she/her) - Grounding Meditation

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    Nikita is an island girl who loves the sun, the fresh ocean breeze, and biting into sweet, juicy mangoes. For many years Nikita has been on a journey of healing and growth that has required her to define and cultivate her spiritual practice. She’s learned that there is no wasted time in this life...

  • Tanisha (she/her)

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    The center of Tanisha’s yoga practice is inclusion and accessibility. Tanisha focuses on the parts of breathwork and movement that anyone can access—any body type, any spiritual belief, any range of physical mobility. Her goal is to use this foundation as a springboard to help you dive deeper. Ta...

  • Jade O. (she/her)

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    Jade is SO grateful and excited to have the opportunity to share in some healing movement with you all! Her classes are all about feeling good from the inside out. Utilizing movement and breath, Jade’s goal is to ground you deeper within, creating a more connected relationship with your body and ...

  • Samantha (she/her)

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    Samantha is a meditation coach and yoga teacher. She is and has always been a very ambitious woman with many lofty goals and has just graduated with her J.D. from law school at Yale! Though she’s also had her fair share of struggles. Since 2012, Samantha has practiced meditation and yoga on a reg...

  • Tahara (she/her)

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    Like many, Tahara C. found yoga in her search for light. In need of connection to herself, Tahara found healing through yoga, meditation, and breathwork. Her goal is to create a space for you to explore your innate power and ability to heal. Tahara stays true to her Bhakti roots by weaving affirm...

  • Lesley (she/her)

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    From the age of 16, Lesley P. has held a deep affinity for yoga and meditation in her life. She began her practice after a sports injury left her with a torn ACL and MCL. From there she continued to utilize yoga as a space of peace through challenging times in college and after. Since that time s...