Meditation & Breathwork

Meditation & Breathwork

Feel a renewed sense of self, joy, and confidence. At the start of class, your instructor will help you set your intention & identify areas of tension within the body while focusing on that intention. Next, they’ll guide you through a visual journey to release stress and re-center the mind.

Meditation & Breathwork
  • Guided Visualization and Gentle Movement for Confidence

    In this short yet impactful visualization meditation, Gabbi invites you to connect with your highest self and envision the person you aspire to become by the end of the year. Through gentle heart-opening movement and affirmation-based practices, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your goals an...

  • Manage Stress & Anxiety with Box-Breath

    Box-breathing, also known as “square breathing,” is a powerful and simple practice that you can use at any point in your day to manage stress and enhance your concentration. As you bring awareness to your breath, you may notice that the chatter in your mind slows down.

  • Grounding Meditative Movement and Breathwork

    Join Gabbi Jane in a grounding meditative movement and breathwork practice designed to open your heart and connect with your highest self. As a part of the 'Inner Connection Toolkit,' this session integrates breathwork and meditation to support personal growth and a connected life. By nurturing y...

  • The Basics: Breathwork Techniques

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    Breathwork is a general term used to describe conscious breathing exercises to improve mental, physical and spiritual health. It draws from Eastern practices and traditions like Yoga and Buddhism while incorporating Western psychotherapy techniques. In general, the goal of breathwork is to suppor...

  • Meditation Basics

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    We all need something to stay balanced in this life. Meditation is a great way to incorporate this balance naturally with ease. Despite what many may think, there’s no one way that meditation is “supposed” to look. It’s really just a set of different techniques that encourage a heightened state o...

  • Balancing Breathwork

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    Breathing is something we do all day every day & barely ever notice, yet it has such an impact on our minds and bodies. It is key to vital health and this playlist is full of therapeutic breathwork guidance all under 5 min, making it super easy to fit into your day! Even if you don’t have a lot o...

  • Live Class Replays - Breathwork

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    If you’ve never tried practicing breathwork, this collection is a great start. Becoming more in tune with the breath allows you to be more in tune with your body and mind as a whole. This collection of breathwork videos includes a variety of unique practices. Whether you have a brief moment or mo...

  • Live Class Replays - Meditation

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    If you missed our live classes or want to just experience them again this collection is a perfect mix of beginner-friendly mindfulness meditation with a few of our amazing meditation instructors. Tap into the power of your stillness with Niv, gain a sense of peace & serenity with Samantha, refres...

  • 7-Day Program - Breathwork for Navigating Change

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    Welcome to "Breathwork for Navigating Change", a playlist we designed to help you regulate your emotions during periods of change. We understand that change can be challenging, but with the right tools, you can navigate it with greater ease and resilience.

    In this playlist, you will learn a rang...

  • Building Self Love

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    The phrase “self-love” is becoming more and more common, but no one ever talks about how to even start and cultivate self love. No matter where you may be in your self-love journey, let this compilation of guided meditations inspire and sustain a healthy relationship to your sense of self worth a...

  • Chakra Balancing Meditation

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    This collection of guided meditations helps you go within to cleanse & clear any blockages in your chakras. Enjoy a stronger mind-body connection through therapeutic visualization, sound frequency healing, and breathwork. Whether you have 5 minutes or 20, your mind, body, and spirit will thank yo...

  • Processing Grief & Change

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    You don’t have to face your emotions alone. Step into the Nalaverse for extra support and guidance on how to navigate grief and change with our inspirational meditation guide Nikita H. Through this collection she will help you affirm and re-energize your mind and spirit as you process your emotions.

  • Peaceful Sleep

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    Even when you make the time to give yourself some sweet rest, it can be a challenge to get our minds and bodies to wind down and prepare for sleep. Our sleep playlist is all you need to turn off from the day and ease into a restful night. Explore a variety of meditations led by our talented instr...

  • Relaxing Meditations

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    It’s time to tune in and tap out of the matrix with this relaxing collection of guided meditations. Show up for yourself today and allow our meditation instructors to help you create your own inner peace, attract more abundance, and get grounded. Take a moment & step into the Nalaverse to recharg...

  • Sound-Healing ft. Live Music Acoustics & Drumming

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    It’s time to grab your best headphones, turn up the volume, and sail off into these healing sound frequencies. Delve into this collection of transformative live sound performances featuring live guitar, guided meditations, visualization techniques, and affirmation guidance. Taking a few minutes i...

  • Sound Baths ft. Crystal Singing Bowls

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    Delve into this oasis of sound therapy through different healing frequencies that can help open your heart chakra, encourage deeper & more restful sleep, all while completely relieving your mind and body from the effects of stress. Let yourself unwind and take in the healing frequencies of crysta...

  • Sound Healing Harmony

    Sound healing improves intuition by clearing blockages. Allow yourself to cleanse your energy and drift off into the Nalaverse during a magical steel tongue performance by Marrissa Joy.

  • Connecting with Your Inner Purpose Through Sound with A'Tiya S.

    Join A'Tiya for her 30 minute sound healing session to bring in the intention of purpose and passion. Allow yourself to be soothed by the sweet sounds of singing bowls, chimes, Kalimba and more in this live class recording.

  • Heart Opening Meditation with A'Tiya

    It's time for a self-esteem check-up with A'Tiya S! Enjoy this energizing and refreshing 10 minute sound healing meditation for self-love and self-healing with crystal singing bowls that will get your chakras balanced and aligned.

  • Meditation to Tap into Forgiveness with Nikita

    Looking for a quick tune-up? Nikita H. has you covered with this opening and restorative 3 minute self-healing meditation that will help you tap into the power of forgiveness.

  • Affirmations & Breathwork for Abundance with Nikita

    Use this quick 10 minute guided meditation to attract abundance and feel grounded in your body. Nikita uses affirmations and gentle reminders to show up for yourself with grace as you move through this exercise.

  • Self-Soothing Meditation with Jaz

    Create your own peace with this quick 3 mintue self-soothing meditation by Jaz D! Enjoy the affirming and grounding guidance that will have you feeling re-energized.

  • Stress-Relieving Meditation ft. Crystal Singing Bowls with A'Tiya

    Take 3-minutes to unwind with this stress-reducing sound-healing session led by A'Tiya S 🌀

    Give yourself permission to release the tension in your shoulders as you breathe deeply and begin to focus on the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls. Expect to return to your day feeling refreshed, c...

  • Meditation for Grief with Nikita

    Practice self-love through your grief with Nikita H. This 10 minute grief self-healing meditation will help affirm and re-energize you while you process your emotions.